Adult Class

Our Adult Class is taught by all the black belt instructors in the school. The chief instructors are Master Rod Crimmins (9th degree), Master Greg Vasquez (8th degree) and Sensei Zach Miller (6th degree). Our school strives for the traditional teachings of Isshinryu Karate and it’s founder, Grandmaster Tatsuo Shimabuku. Our dojo follows the lead instruction of Hanshi Karl Hovey (9th degree) and Tsuyoshi Uechi (8th degree). 

Sensei Miller, Masters Vasquez, Crimmins, Uechi, and Hovey

Master Uechi lives and studies in Okinawa as the lead propnent of Isshinryu on Okinawa and studies with other instructors to define and refine his instruction to better follow the founder’s methods.  Our Adult class caters to students 10 years old and older (8 and 9 years can be accepted only after approval of the Sensei).  Sensei Hovey was born in Okinawa and lives in southern Virginia.

Our school teaches respect, physical fitness, fighting ability, as well as handing down traditional knowledge about Isshinryu. We teach kata (open hand and weapons), kumite (sparring), breaking, and some advanced training for the highest ranks with swords.


Our school teaches basic Isshinryu techniques, which include the famous Isshinryu Vertical Fist, various stances, punches, kicks, and the knowledge and history of Isshinryu. Additional techniques that are taught include ground-fighting techniques and self-defense techniques.

Our teachers believe that the combination of these techniques will form a solid foundation for the martial artist to continue on his journey through life.


Kata are sequential, predetermined defense, attack, and counterattack forms used against multiple opponents. In addition to giving students practice techniques, Kata develops speed, breath control, balance, calm mind, rhythm, and coordination.

The student repeats the Katas many times in class, placing emphasis on posture, balance, speed, and coordination. Great emphasis is laid on increasing the students vigor, heart, mind and soul. There are 8 open hand and 6 weapon kata.

Kumite in our school consists of sparring with other students. All students must use mouthpieces, protective foot and hand gear and where appropriate, groin cups. In addition. all students 14 years old and under must wear protective head gear.


The whole basis for the Martial Arts is Self-Defense. At this Dojo – the most important weapon in Self-Defense training is your brain. We teach our students to be aware of their surroundings and to evaluate threats.

We teach that the best way to avoid trouble is to “not be there.” We teach that the it is best to use non-violent mechanisms before using violence – but if violence is needed – use it efficiently and effectively, following Isshinryu techniques.


Kumite can be freestyle combat sparring, single technique sparring, and with appropriate padding and protection, some limited weapons sparring.

When the highest ranking black belts feel it is appropriate, they will hold nights when more advanced topics are taught.


One of the advanced topics taught is breaking. Breaking involves the physical breaking of wooden boards and/or concrete blocks. Breaking can be performed using punches or kicks. Breaking promotes focus and instills confidence in the students.

Instructors may also teach more advanced weapons techniques utilizing swords, tonfa, and knives. Typically, this training is only given to Sho-Dan and above.


  • Dues for Adult Class is $70 / month. Dues are due on the 28th of each month.  Dues are paid in advance.
  • Schedule for Adult Class is Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 6:00pm until 8:00pm.

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