Kids Class

Our Kids Class is led by Sensei Terri Tamecki, Sensei Joe Bennett, Sensei Ralph Miller, and assisted by Mr. Colton Hagarman.  The program is highly regarded by area martial arts school. Our instructors genuinely cares about the children and their unique needs. Our Sensei are assisted by other students in the dojo during classes.

Our Kids Classes are held on Monday and Thursday from 5:00pm until 5:45pm. Kids Kumite (sparring) is on the first Thursday and third Monday of each month.

Our Kids Class starts with kids who are 5 years old (or older) and the student progresses in the Kids Class until Master Vasquez and our instructors feel the child is mature enough for the Regular Class, typically near the age of 10 years old.


Our Kids Class teaches basic Isshinryu techniques, which include the Isshinryu Vertical Fist, stances, hand techniques, and kicking techniques, along with methods of blocking. We also give the kids the basic knowledge of Isshinryu history, and try to instill in them confidence and respect.

Our kids are also taught very basic self-defense techniques that are age-appropriate. We stress when and where these techniques are correct to used.


YES, our kids do spar! Our Kids Class Instructors ensure that all sparring is done in a VERY controlled and VERY safe way. Our teachers monitor and guide the kids as they progress and mature in both technique and knowledge. Our biggest goal is to make the kids the best they can be while having FUN.


In our Kids Class, we teach the children the basics of self-defense, including when to use techniques, when NOT to use techniques, and how to get out of trouble.  While self-defense techniques are no guarantee – our hope is to give the children the necessary tools and confidence to give them a chance, should they need it.


  • Dues for Kids Class is $60 / month. Dues are due on the 28th of each month.  Dues are paid in advance.
  • Schedule for Kids Class is Monday and Thursday from 5:00pm until 5:45pm.

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